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The McCovey Chroncast Episode #3!

"Encounter at Farpoint"

"You've always been a listener."
"You've always been a listener."
Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Doug Bruzzone (groug) and Bryan Murphy (NOT KNBR's Brian Murphy) are back for an all-new McCovey Chroncast. This week's podcast talks about the biggest news of the week (so far):

Brandon Crawford's extension
Matt Duffy as the runner-up in the NL Rookie of the Year voting
Kyle Blanks being signed to a minor league deal
Aubrey Huff potentially coming out of retirement
Giants receive Major League Baseball's Philanthropic Award due to the success of the Junior Giants program

And with Thanksgiving coming up, the guys play a game called "Thanks or No Thanks", which puts 2015 Giants in their crosshairs. They also go off on tangents that rope in non-Giants subjects like Roger Clemens, Jose Fernandez, sinkholes, and the movie Blow.

They also answer questions submitted via Twitter. You can always send questions you'd like them to answer via Twitter. The questions can be about anything, including non-Giants topics. Doug prefers that you only ask him, "Why are you so awesome, Doug?"

You can download the podcast here or listen to the embed below.

** iTunes availability is still pending but an announcement will be made as soon as that changes.