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Vote for the best Giants defensive play of 2015

Is it Pence's slide-and-throw, Juan Perez robbing a home run, or something even better?

Michael Thomas/Getty Images

In this article, you will watch DAZZLING defensive plays that reach a THRILLING CONCLUSION. If you have a heart condition, please, see someone about that. And stay away from this here Internet content. It can't be good for you.

And in this article about the best Giants defensive plays, Gold Glover Brandon Crawford isn't featured that prominently.

Through no fault of his own! He made dozens of outstanding plays, but the kind that we're used to. Dives, leaps, flips, throws from the hole ... it's AC/DC writing the same damned album for 20 years and everyone being cool with it. But he didn't make an iconic play, something you'll see in your mind's eye whenever you think about Crawford and his excellent fielding.

These, though, represent some of the best plays these fielders have ever made, or at least, the most memorable. At the end, you will vote. What was the best Giants defensive play of 2015?

Anything Brandon Crawford did

Like I wrote, there isn't one that stands out from a selection of the best. He was certainly the best fielder from the team, so you're free to select one from his portfolio.

My favorite:

You can pick anything from the field, though. A combination of our favorite Crawford moments is a strong contender.

Angel Pagan steals a homer

This was after he returned from his injury and looked like he was three years younger, so that context helps. Over the shoulder catchers are pretty, on-the-fly adjustments at the last second are always good for bonus points, and wall scaling is always recommended. This one has all three.

And a 95.4 route efficiency, too! Whatever that means. The other 4.6 percent was probably running straight to the place the wind took the ball, which is likely impossible.

When George Kontos went toward the light

I think I'm including this one because I remember wondering if Kontos was unconscious and being glad that he wasn't. I also dig this play because Susac and Kontos look exactly like each other when they're running and tumbling that fast, and it kind of creeps me out.

Belt loping by and somehow not falling down the dugout steps is also a positive aspect of this play. Well done, everyone.

Hunter Pence returns

Here we go. The first strong contender. It's a classic Pence play. With classic Pence faces.

But it was also the first day he came back from the DL. Pence was back, the lineup was complete, and the Giants were going to be just fine. Remember that?

The Giants weren't just fine. But look at that sweet catch and throw.

I miss baseball, everyone.

Juan Perez scales the wall

Is that the likely winner? Probably, though Pence's slide-'n'-hurl does have some emotion behind it, too. But Perez ran 75 feet to catch a ball he had no business catching, turning around and basket-catching the sucker because that's the only way he could make the play.

And to think, we were *this* close to remembering Perez for not picking up the DAMNED BALL AS IT ROLLED AROUND THE KANSAS CITY OUTFIELD AIIEEEEEEEEE. Instead, we have a memory of that incredible play in center.

If you have a contender that you think I neglected, please share and vote for the "other" category. I'm sure there was assorted Matt Duffy brilliance that isn't getting enough attention. Joe Panik before his back problems was a thing, too.

The Giants didn't have the best year, but they could sure catch the ball. There are some of their best defensive plays of the year.