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Aubrey Huff is coming out of retirement

The former Giants star is coming back at age 39, and he's using fancy training computers to do it.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Aubrey Huff will be 39 when next season starts. It's been five years since has last good season and three years since he last appeared in the majors. There are unlikely comebacks, and then there's this.

/even-year siren sounds

Oh, man. Aubrey Huff is coming out of retirement.

Correction: Aubrey Huff is coming out of retirement, according to a video posted by Gillette World Sport and featuring a trainer with a gigantic Nike swoosh on his shirt. This is probably an exercise in branding, and I've just fallen for it. But when you get an email like this ...

No word of who he'd want to play for (or who would take him) but thought the guys over at McCovery Chronicles would be interested in the video!

... you can't just say no.

The odds are against him making it out of spring training with anyone, and that's if he even gets an invite. But the video is interesting, showing how Huff is training with some fancy newfangled equipment, and also focusing on the anxiety problems that helped push him out of baseball in the first place.

Huff was a good Giant, of course, even though his last two years didn't work out, so I'm rooting for him. You should root for him. On the Ishikawa-to-Posey scale of obvious postseason heroes, Huff would certainly be closer to Ishikawa. But it wouldn't be the wackiest comeback in baseball history, so you do your thing, Aubrey Huff, and we'll be here to laugh with baseball when it all goes right.

/even-year siren sounds

You know, the Giants could use a little depth at second ...