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The Padres are up to something, and hopefully they got worse

I'm scared they did a smart thing, even if it made them weaker for 2016.

Denis Poroy/Getty Images

The Padres, by all accounts, just acquired three or four excellent prospects. They gave up two relievers. They grow relievers on a windowsill, which means they'll probably still have a great bullpen next year. And yet they have a much better farm system than they did the day before. This is concerning.

Craig Kimbrel is gone, though. Joaquin Benoit is gone. Those two combined for 13 innings against the Giants last year, allowing one earned run. Next year's bullpen will have Cam Falcam and Joel Loper, and they'll hold the Giants to one earned run in 15 innings, but it's still nice to imagine a Padres eighth/ninth without Kimbrel and Benoit.

So the question of the weekend is this: Are you upset that the Padres loaded up with some of the best prospects the Red Sox and Mariners could offer, or are you thrilled that the Padres appear to be rebuilding?

I'm torn. Even though it would be funny for the Padres to watch these young players star somewhere else in the great tradition of Ozzie Smith, Roberto Alomar, Gary Sheffield, Kevin McReynolds, Kevin Mitchell, Derrek Lee, Fred McGriff, Sandy Alomar, Adrian Gonzalez, Anthony Rizzo, what is wrong with you Padres, and Corey Kluber, at some point they're eventually going to stop doing that. If you think that's impossible, allow me to suggest that no team was as helpless as the Royals three or four years ago. And the Padres just scored some really nifty prospects for a couple relievers.

On the other hand, those sure were good relievers, and I'm glad the Giants don't have to face them in the even year. It's not like they traded away Jose Mesa. Craig Kimbrel was annoyingly good. Now he's gone.

There's a poll! Vote in the poll. Help me figure out how to feel as a Giants fan.