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The McCovey Chroncast Episode #2!

"A Proportional Response"

Just pretend she's listening to the McCovey Chroncast.
Just pretend she's listening to the McCovey Chroncast.
Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Welcome to yesterday's news! If you're still catching up on the week that was for the San Francisco Giants, filled with a Gold Glove and Wilson's Defensive Player of the Year award and due diligence on Ben Zobrist, then most of this podcast will be new to you!

If, however, you're living in the present, then the Silver Slugger and David Price of last night and today are nowheeeeeeeere to be found. That's because podcasting is already an ancient technology. The last gasps of Gen X. Millenials, go check out Grant's junk all the latest breaking news at McCoveySnap.

But if you insist on sticking with this dead podcasting technology, then you *will* be rewarded with more fun and games from Doug & Bryan. We also break down the free agents on the starting pitcher market and play a game that rivals last week's Big Spoon/Little Spoon.

Check out this week's McCovey Chroncast!

You can download the podcast here or listen to the embed below.