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Thursday Trivia!

Why not try to answer some questions?

This is a picture of Christian Arroyo making a funny face. It has nothing to do with the article.
This is a picture of Christian Arroyo making a funny face. It has nothing to do with the article.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This is not the most interesting time for the Giants. The awards that they could win have already been given out (sorry about your upcoming ROY loss, Matt Duffy), nobody interesting is signing in free agency yet (emphatic lack of apologies to AJ Pierzynski), and we're desperately scrapping for any news. Yesterday, a writer tweeted that the Braves were talking to an NL West team, and we jumped on it. That's not even a rumor. That's a rumor about a rumor.

But it's not unusual that November 12 would be a dull day for Giants fans. The only move they've made on November 12 since moving to San Francisco was signing Andres Santana as an amateur free agent. They've made three moves on November 12 in team history, and here they are:

November 12, 1985: The Giants sign Andres Santana as an amateur free agent
November 12, 1928: The Giants sign Ray Schalk
November 12, 1923: The Giants trade Dave Bancroft, Bill Cunningham, and Casey Stengel for Joe Oeschger and Billy Southworth

That's it. None of that is relevant to this article, but I researched it, so now you know too. Congratulations.

Since there's nothing going on, probably, unless I inspire the front office to make this article immediately irrelevant, let's do some trivia questions! Trivia questions: they're mildly diverting for a few minutes.

1. Who has more career fWAR, Barry Bonds or Hank Greenberg, Richie Ashburn, and Kirby Puckett combined?
2. Who has more fWAR with the Giants, Barry Bonds or Jeff Kent, Rich Aurilia, Matt Williams, and Will Clark combined?
3. Who started for the Giants at second base on Opening Day in 2010, 2012, and 2014?
4. Of Giants Hall of Famers (players in the HoF as Giants, not, like, Randy Johnson), did more of them play before 1900 or after 1940?
5. Christy Mathewson threw 79 shutouts in his career. How many seasons has it taken for Giants starters as a whole to throw their most recent 79 shutouts? (If they'd thrown 80 since 2010, for example, the answer would be 6)
6. Should Barry Bonds be in the Hall of Fame?
7. What Giant held the career home run record before Babe Ruth?
8. Sort the following in terms of 2015 plate appearances, from most to least: Gregor Blanco, Justin Maxwell, Angel Pagan, Hunter Pence, Nori Aoki
9. 48 players appeared for the Giants in 2015. How many of them signed their first professional contract with the Giants?
10. Christy Mathewson has the lowest ERA of anyone who's ever pitched at least 100 innings for the Giants. Who's in second?

Answers are posted in the first comment! Don't look, unless you're a weenie.