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Brandon Crawford wins 2015 National League Gold Glove

The award is the first for the Giants since Omar Vizquel in 2006.

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Brandon Crawford, shortstop demi-god, is the 2015 National League Gold Glove winner at shortstop. For the rest of his life, he can introduce himself as "Brandon Crawford, Gold Glove shortstop." At parties, at the dry cleaners, when he's 40, when he's 80. He will always be Brandon Crawford, Gold Glove shortstop.

It's about freaking time.

Even though Crawford was clearly one of the best shortstops in either league for the last three years, he was the Tim Raines to Andrelton Simmons's Rickey Henderson. The Alan Trammell to his Cal Ripken. It didn't seem like there was going to be a way to overtake the incumbent. Bad timing is all.

But Simmons wasn't quite as magical this year. Ridiculously fantastic, don't get me wrong. Just not magical. That meant there was a chance for Crawford to win if he put up a ridiculously fantastic season of his own. Which he did. And he also hit 21 dingers, which helps Gold Glove candidates for some reason.

Hi, this is Brandon Crawford, Gold Glove shortstop. I was wondering if you guys would still honor this expired coupon for two medium pizzas at $18.99?

He can do that! He certainly deserves it. I'm not sure if I've been prouder of a Giant winning an award, at least since Tim Lincecum's Cy Young or Buster Posey's MVP or Posey's Rookie of the Year or Madison Bumgarner's World Series ... well, they're all tied. The Giants had the longest Gold Glove drought in baseball. Now they don't.

The Giants had three other nominees, Buster Posey, Matt Duffy, and Brandon Belt, who couldn't nab the award. Duffy and Belt were expected, but Posey had a real shot. Noted goblin Yadier Molina won the Gold Glove at catcher, his eighth straight and hopefully last.

Posey should get his chance. For now, though, we have Brandon Crawford, Gold Glove shortstop. It has a ring to it, doesn't it?

Yep. This all checks out. Congratulations to Brandon Crawford! He's a Gold Glove shortstop, you know. Now I can take the disclaimer "Gold Glove-caliber" and throw it in the ocean. That's important to a writer.