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Apparently the Giants didn't sign Eddy Martinez

Well, this is a fine how-do-you-do.

Sorry. But at last that is a pretty horse.
Sorry. But at last that is a pretty horse.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Over the weekend, the Giants made a splash on the international market by reportedly signing Eddy Martinez, speedy center fielder who has been compared to everyone from Rusney Castillo to Andruw Jones. The most exciting part of the report appeared to be the message that the Giants could compete with the big-market bullies for the premium international prospects. The Dodgers wanted Martinez, but the Giants elbowed them out of the way. Take that!

Except sometimes "reportedly signed" doesn't mean "signed." And there are apparently shenanigans afoot.

Keith Law broke the disappointing news. elaborated on it.

After agreeing to terms on a signing bonus worth $2.5 million over the weekend, the Giants and Cuban outfielder Eddy Julio Martinez no longer have a deal, an industry source confirmed Tuesday.

The deal, which the Giants had not confirmed, was pending a physical. Sources told that Martinez's father is seeking a bonus closer to $3 million.

"Was pending a physical." That's how close it was. Goodness.

This doesn't mean the Giants are out of the chase. What's a half-million between friends, right? But even if the Giants are professionals who know better than to have their feelings hurt, there has to be at least a little oh-screw-it floating around 24 Willie Mays Plaza regarding Martinez right now.

Two days ago, the Giants weren't in the postseason, but at least there was news that they were signing a top international prospect. Now, the Giants still aren't in the postseason, and there's no prospect. Sorry? Sorry about that.