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Giants spring training schedule released

Make your plans now, then lend me some money so I can go. I'm good for it.

Rob Tringali/Getty Images

The Giants just released their tentative spring training schedule, so if you're looking to make vacation plans for the even year, have at it. The home games are in bold:

Wednesday, March 2: Los Angeles-AL, Scottsdale, AZ

Thursday, March 3: Milwaukee (ss), Scottsdale, AZ

Friday, March 4 at Cincinnati, Goodyear, AZ

Saturday, March 5: Texas (ss), Scottsdale, AZ

at Cleveland (ss) Goodyear, AZ

Sunday, March 6: Los Angeles-NL, Scottsdale, AZ

Monday, March 7 at Texas: Surprise!, AZ

Tuesday, March 8: Cincinnati, Scottsdale, AZ

Wednesday, March 9: Colorado, Scottsdale, AZ

Thursday, March 10: at Milwaukee, Maryvale, AZ

Friday, March 11: Seattle, Scottsdale, AZ

Saturday, March 12: Arizona (ss), Scottsdale, AZ

at Los Angeles-AL(ss), Tempe, AZ

Sunday, March 13: San Diego, Scottsdale, AZ

Monday, March 14: at Oakland, Mesa, AZ

Tuesday, March 15: OPEN DATE

Wednesday, March 16: at Seattle, Peoria, AZ

Thursday, March 17: at San Diego, Peoria, AZ

Friday, March 18: San Diego, Scottsdale, AZ

Saturday, March 19: Oakland (ss), Scottsdale, AZ

Sunday, March 20: at Colorado, N. Scottsdale, AZ

Monday, March 21: Oakland, Scottsdale, AZ

Tuesday, March 22: at Arizona (ss) N. Scottsdale, AZ

at Chicago-AL, Glendale, AZ

Wednesday, March 23: at Arizona, N. Scottsdale, AZ

Thursday, March 24: Chicago-NL, Scottsdale, AZ

Friday, March 25: Kansas City (ss), Scottsdale, AZ

at Los Angeles-NL (ss), Glendale, AZ

Saturday, March 26: at Chicago-NL, Mesa, AZ

Sunday, March 27: Chicago-AL, Scottsdale, AZ

Monday, March 28: Arizona, Scottsdale, AZ

Tuesday, March 29: at Kansas City, Surprise!, AZ