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Video of the Giants not playing in Tropicana Field

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It's the 1993 home opener, and you know what that means: Barry Bonds hugging Michael Bolton!

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Hello. Are there any artists out there? I would like to commission a painting. I will pay $$$. The subject is the Opening Day ceremony from 1993, the year that the Giants stayed in San Francisco. Here, I've made a mockup:

bonds bolton

I'll leave the title up to you, but I suggest something like "The Best Ever" or "Unimaginable Greatness" or simply "Talent." When you get a chance to commission a painting of Michael Bolton, Willie Mays, and Barry Bonds, you kind of have to take it. Email me your rates.

Oh, right. The video. It's a good video. Spoiler: The Giants aren't in Tropicana Field, they win the game, and they win the World Series three times after the Padres donate Fred McGriff to the Braves -- more than both teams combined.

Unfortunately, the part about them isn't really a spoiler because the video cuts out in the eighth inning. We don't get to see how the Giants won, which is with a Mike Benjamin single in the 11th, a Rod Beck sacrifice bunt, and a walk-off single from Darren Lewis. That is a fine sentence. Still, it's not like you were going to watch all four hours anyway. Hop around, ensconce yourself in teal hats, and enjoy some old friends.

Enjoy! And remember that this video is brought to you by Bud Dry

bud dry

Don't you want to try some Bud Dry t ... wait how can beer be dry that makes no sense.