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Vintage Giants photo of the day: Will Clark has words with an enormous Mark McGwire

Welcome to Will Clark Altercation Chronicles!

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Eventually we'll move away from the sad, important 1989 season and the subsequent years that followed. But for now, look at this compelling showdown between American hero Will Clark and wayward American hero (like Magneto) Mark McGwire. The picture up there doesn't do it justice because it doesn't show McGwire's forearms.

mcgwire clark

LOOK AT THOSE FOREARMS. Wait, I've seen this before.


What a gigantic man. What a missed opportunity for Todd Lindon puns.

Mostly, though, this is the '80s Giants. This is baseball in the Bay Area, starting in 1987 and continuing until 1994. Here, then is baseball in the Bay Area, two former teammates on the Olympic team -- one who would win a World Series, one who wouldn't -- standing face to face and jawing at each other in the World Series. Maybe. They could have been talking about different things.

McGwire: Seriously. I'm on the Olympic freaking team, and it's being held in the same place where I went to college? How stupid is that. What about Athens? Paris? Istanbul?

Clark: You went to college there? That place smelled like boiled rubber gloves and it made me cough.

It's worth noting that the A's back then went to three World Series in five years, too! Good for them.

If you grew up in the Bay Area in the '80s, you had to choose between these two. I mean, I chose Rickey Henderson, and that's still kind of a badass option, but if you were a kid who had to choose a first baseman in the Bay Area, you had some really fantastic options. It's not exactly Mays/Mantle/Snider but it'll do.

Also, this picture makes me think that things are coming to a head with McGwire and the '80s Giants.


Don't sleep, Mark, until you know for certain that Robby Thompson isn't in your closet. He's a patient man.