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Vintage Giants photo of the day: Vince Coleman jumps at Will Clark

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I don't know who Vince Coleman was mad at, but I'm pretty sure Will Clark wasn't taking his side.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

At some point over the last few months, SB Nation's photo tool gave writers access to some Getty archival photos. This ... this is a good thing. It goes back to 1989, at least for the Giants, and considering I've spent the last 50 minutes looking through these and having a ridiculous amount of fun, it makes sense to share.

Look at that marvelous picture up there, for instance.

In the picture, we have Vince Coleman, speedy weasel, attempting to attack a Giants pitcher in 1990. We know about the Candy Maldonado fight in 1988:

And you might remember that Mike Krukow was injured in the middle of the 1986 pennant race because of a Vince Coleman-related brawl. That one almost led to MANAGER-ON-MANAGER VIOLENCE.


But there was more. There's always more. Stupid Cardinals. This fight was apparently so cool, the Getty photographer submitted his picture in all caps.


The Giants and Cardinals played four day games at Candlestick in 1990, and the only one that Coleman left early was July 4. But I can't find a game story on it. I'll assume that the pitcher was Rick Reuschel and he just sat and chewed gum with his glove hand on his hip while this all went down.

Please note that the Vintage Giants Photo of the Day is more the Vintage Giants Photo of Whenever Grant Feels Like It, but I'm telling you: There are some cool pictures in here.