Community Prospect List #30 RUNOFF

Another runoff, this one is Davis, Ewing, and Ragira.

The list so far:

  1. Andrew Susac
  2. Kyle Crick
  3. Tyler Beede
  4. Christian Arroyo
  5. Keury Mella
  6. Matt Duffy
  7. Mac Williamson
  8. Ty Blach
  9. Clayton Blackburn
  10. Hunter Strickland
  11. Mikey Edie
  12. Daniel Carbonell
  13. Adalberto Mejia
  14. Steven Okert
  15. Ray Black
  16. Aramis Garcia
  17. Adam Duvall
  18. Luis Ysla
  19. Derek Law
  20. Austin Slater
  21. Joan Gregorio
  22. Michael Santos
  23. Chris Stratton
  24. Ryder Jones
  25. Cody Hall
  26. Tyler Horan
  27. Gary Brown
  28. Gustavo Cabrera
  29. Blake Miller

The players first name will link to his Baseball-Reference page, his last name will link to his Fangraphs page.

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On to the voting!

Dylan Davis

Skyler Ewing

Brian Ragira

Vote away!

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