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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 1/21

I'll dump what she's linking

I do not believe this is good form for a drive, though I could be way off
I do not believe this is good form for a drive, though I could be way off
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Signing with the Astros, huh, Vogey? I guess you have no more World Series to win. I know because you won both of them.

Giants' star Buster Posey warming up for Pebble Beach Pro-Am
Here's another on the long list of wonderful things about Buster Posey: He's not a golfer. Also, as we all know, Matt Cain is an excellent golfer, which is another wonderful thing about him. How could these both be positives? Well, most golfers are awful people (not YOU, of course, if you golf, because you're just swell), so it's good that Buster Posey isn't one. And I want Matt Cain to be good at everything, and golf is included in everything, so it's good that Matt Cain has such a strong drive. No contradiction here. None at all.


Barry Bonds tutoring A-Rod at Bay Area facility
Is this story already up on the front page as an outside link? Yes. Is that going to stop me? Absolutely not. You see, every once in a while, a link comes along that is so vital, so important, that to deny it space here would be to deny your lungs air, or to deny AJ Pierzynski his Asshole Flakes. They really start the morning off right!

Also, I said this in 2013 and I'll say it again now: If the Giants odd-year their way to irrelevance, I will totally root for A-Rod to have a performance for the ages that wins him WS MVP. This and playing the Dodgers are the two reasons I would ever root for the Yankees.


Wood got early glimpse of MadBum's power
Hey, do you want to read some stories about high school-aged Madison Bumgarner? I thought you might! And luckily . . . no, there's nothing in here about roping cattle. Look, I know we're all charmed by his rustic lifestyle and nurturing attitude towards baby rabbits and that time he dated a girl also named Madison Bumgarner, but there's more to Madison than just that collection of stories. Boy-Madison, I mean, not girl-Madison. I mean, there's probably more to her than stories too, but . . . look, can we focus? The point is that Madison Bumgarner is great and he's a Giant for a long time and the person who runs the 95.7 Twitter account doesn't really understand baseball and we should appreciate all of that.


New MLB proposal would shorten breaks between innings






WHAT KIND OF CRUEL GOD you know it doesn't explicitly say "fist pump cam" and that seems like an oversight can't be too careful here WOULD DO THIS TO US


The Gospel According to Baseball
When will a ballplayer realize my dream and sign with something from Song of Solomon? The porn part of the Bible counts too, you know!