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Giants bring Yoan Moncada in for private workout

The Giants call for aid. Will Yoan answer?

The headline sort of gives you the whole story. The Giants, they of due diligence and kicked tires, brought 19-year-old Cuban super-prospect Yoan Moncada for a workout. They aren't close to signing him. Even if they wanted to, they can't. Everyone's just sitting around admiring him from afar. Or in the Giants' case, in private workouts.

Except Baseball America used one of their five sentences on the story to convey this bit of pertinent information:

Several sources have said the Giants have been trying to get more involved in the Cuban market, with the push coming at the ownership level.

The Giants finished second or third for Jose Abreu, just as they did for Yasmany Tomas, so I'm inclined to listen to these several sources. I'm picturing General Buck Turgidson yelling about a Cuban gap in the war room. While the Giants are built to win now, here's another story from Baseball America that makes me prefer the idea of Moncada/Aoki to Tomas/nothing:

Would you take Sano, the third baseman with 80 raw power and contact frequency concerns but a track record of hitting at Double-A, or Moncada, who has less of a track record and less raw power, but more speed and a more well-rounded skill set? I would lean toward Moncada, but it’s not an easy call.

The question is "Would you rather have Miguel Sano or Yoan Moncada?" The answer is "Gee, I don't know." The conclusion is "Gimme Moncada, then. Here's all the money. We can take out another mortgage on AT&T Park, give us a second." Moncada would instantly be one of the best prospects in baseball, and the Giants could sure use one of those. You can hear the reverence in Bobby Evans's voice when he talks about Moncada. They like him. Everyone likes him. It's like those pieces from two weeks ago asking which teams would be interested in Ben Zobrist.

zobrist state

All ...all of them? The Dodgers want him. The Yankees want him. I know everybody here wants him. I know everybody here thinks they need him. The Giants will be waiting right here just to show him how their love will blow it all away.

I hope.

Unlike the Max Scherzer chase, the Giants are at least appearing interested. Good. We can joke about them finishing second for every free agent over the next five years, except one of these days, they're actually going to sign the guy. A top-10, five-tool talent would sure be a fantastic place to start.