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Giants still rumored to be interested in Dillon Gee for some reason

I don't get it, either.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Dillon Gee rumors are the Giants offseason of trade rumors. So, say, this is a perfect fit. The Giants, even after Jake Peavy, even with Yusmeiro Petit as a starter in a glass case, are still interested in adding the mediocre starter, according to Ken Rosenthal.

What I don't get is what the Giants would want with Gee. He's not really good enough to push Tim Lincecum out of the rotation -- read that part again -- and he wouldn't be an upgrade on Petit in a starting role. Steamer projects Gee for a 4.37 ERA in Citi Field (0.2 WAR), and it projects Lincecum for a 4.01 ERA in AT&T (0.3 WAR).

Ryan Vogelsong projects better than Gee, too. He knows all the front office people already, already has a place to live ... really, this is a simply curious rumor. Simply curious. Also, Gee is in his second year of arbitration and should make about $5 million this year. Also also, the Giants would have to trade something for him. I'm assuming it wouldn't be anything substantial, but still. Mediocre, not really an upgrade, not cheap, and costing a prospect. That's the crossroads of nope. If you have any guesses, please, help us out in the comments.

The Giants offseason is the Dillon Gee of offseasons. I guess it's kind of not the worst, but it could be a helluva lot more exciting. It could sure be better.