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Watch Joe Panik discuss his life

Remember that glove flip in the World Series? That glove flip was cool.

That's a thumbs up for another quality post!
That's a thumbs up for another quality post!
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

If you ever see an interview with World Series Hero Joe Panik, you'll notice that he's cordial, and he's polite, and he doesn't actually say anything. This is not a complaint; the absolute best-case scenario for any athlete involves saying nothing in as professional a manner as possible. Saying words in response to questions makes the media happy, and not saying anything interesting keeps the same media from calling the athlete names, which makes him happy. Buster Posey has perfected this art, because of course he has, because he is perfect.

But! In this interview, Joe Panik does say some things! It's a couple things, not many things, because he is still Joe Panik. What's the secret to getting anything out of him? Well, it's probably to be an old friend of Joe's who became a reporter. It seems likely that brings some advantages:

My favorite part is his 2nd-grade teacher reading from a poem he wrote way back when. Y is for Yankees!