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Giants miss out on Ben Zobrist

The Rays' utility knife goes to Oakland with Yunel Escobar for three players.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Like the A's were finished. I wrote a scathing review of the Josh Donaldson trade last month, and I'll stick by the idea that trading him when he was four years from free agency is a little goofy, but suddenly the A's look a lot better for 2015 than I expected. Oh, Billy Beane. You rascal.

The A's acquired Ben Zobrist and Yunel Escobar for John Jaso, Boog "No Relation" Powell, and former first-rounder Daniel Robertson. It looks like a pretty sweet deal for both sides, but you're reading it on a Giants blog because the Giants were supposed to be interested in Zobrist to play left (and around the infield, as needed). They didn't get him because of course they didn't. Shut up and eat your Casey McGehee.

Oh, that's too cynical by half, I know. The Giants just won the World Series, and at least one of those two teams that made the trade won't, with the odds overwhelmingly against both of them (because they're against everyone). Grumbling is okay, but abject misery is not.

Still, I wanted Ben Zobrist. I've wanted Zobrist for about seven years now. Forgive me if I'm just a touch disappointed. I don't think the Giants could have beat the A's offer, not considering the Rays were looking for young position players. Maybe Andrew Susac has more value than Robertson right now, but I don't know if the Giants had anything the Rays would have wanted more than Jaso and Powell. Jaso helps them win now; Powell is a nice player for later.

Say lah vee. That brings us to the Outfielders The Giants Are Totally Going To Get Power Rankings.

  1. Shane Victorino
  2. Ryan Ludwick
  3. Jonny Gomes
  4. Scott Hairston
  5. Nolan Reimold

I don't hate all of those ideas, even if I hate some of the players. Still, that's going to be the offseason: an extra right-handed outfielder of minor interest. Your dreams of a sexy offseason were dashed by the A's. Curses.