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2015 Giants schedule released

The Giants open on the road, but close at home in 2015, according to the provisional schedule released by Major League Baseball.

Ezra Shaw

The Giants will open the 2015 season on the road against the Diamondbacks, the sixth straight year they've celebrated Opening Day in someone else's ballpark.

This is obnoxious.

Opening Day a week after the real Opening Day is still cool. The entire roster stands on the third-base line. Jets fly over. There's bunting to frame the imminent bunting. But it's not Opening Day. It's not the day that separates the winter from the spring, the cold from the sun.

On the other hand, the Giants could have gotten Clayton Kershaw at home on Opening Day, and that sounds like a total drag. The Giants home opener is against the Rockies on April 13, and I'll take the Rockies at AT&T Park a week later over that Kershaw scenario. Every danged time.

Because MLB releases this schedule in one gigantic PDF that isn't sorted by team, I had to copy/paste into Excel and manually delete all of the dumb non-Giants games. Then the Giants put it up on their website minutes later. Appreciate my sacrifice, you jackals.

The full 2015 Giants schedule (provisional):

Day Month Date Home team Visiting team
Monday April 6 ARI SF
Tuesday April 7 ARI SF
Wednesday April 8 ARI SF
Thursday April 9 SD SF
Friday April 10 SD SF
Saturday April 11 SD SF
Sunday April 12 SD SF
Monday April 13 SF COL
Tuesday April 14 SF COL
Wednesday April 15 SF COL
Thursday April 16 SF ARI
Friday April 17 SF ARI
Saturday April 18 SF ARI
Sunday April 19 SF ARI
Tuesday April 21 SF LA
Wednesday April 22 SF LA
Thursday April 23 SF LA
Friday April 24 COL SF
Saturday April 25 COL SF
Sunday April 26 COL SF
Monday April 27 LA SF
Tuesday April 28 LA SF
Wednesday April 29 LA SF
Day Month Date Home team Visiting team
Friday May 1 SF LAA
Saturday May 2 SF LAA
Sunday May 3 SF LAA
Monday May 4 SF SD
Tuesday May 5 SF SD
Wednesday May 6 SF SD
Thursday May 7 SF MIA
Friday May 8 SF MIA
Saturday May 9 SF MIA
Sunday May 10 SF MIA
Tuesday May 12 HOU SF
Wednesday May 13 HOU SF
Thursday May 14 CIN SF
Friday May 15 CIN SF
Saturday May 16 CIN SF
Sunday May 17 CIN SF
Tuesday May 19 SF LA
Wednesday May 20 SF LA
Thursday May 21 SF LA
Friday May 22 COL SF
Saturday May 23 COL SF
Sunday May 24 COL SF
Monday May 25 MIL SF
Tuesday May 26 MIL SF
Wednesday May 27 MIL SF
Thursday May 28 SF ATL
Friday May 29 SF ATL
Saturday May 30 SF ATL
Sunday May 31 SF ATL
Day Month Date Home team Visiting team
Monday June 1 SF PIT
Tuesday June 2 SF PIT
Wednesday June 3 SF PIT
Friday June 5 PHI SF
Saturday June 6 PHI SF
Sunday June 7 PHI SF
Tuesday June 9 NY SF
Wednesday June 10 NY SF
Thursday June 11 NY SF
Friday June 12 SF ARI
Saturday June 13 SF ARI
Sunday June 14 SF ARI
Monday June 15 SF SEA
Tuesday June 16 SF SEA
Wednesday June 17 SEA SF
Thursday June 18 SEA SF
Friday June 19 LA SF
Saturday June 20 LA SF
Sunday June 21 LA SF
Tuesday June 23 SF SD
Wednesday June 24 SF SD
Thursday June 25 SF SD
Friday June 26 SF COL
Saturday June 27 SF COL
Sunday June 28 SF COL
Tuesday June 30 MIA SF
Day Month Date Home team Visiting team
Wednesday July 1 MIA SF
Thursday July 2 MIA SF
Friday July 3 WSH SF
Saturday July 4 WSH SF
Sunday July 5 WSH SF
Monday July 6 SF NY
Tuesday July 7 SF NY
Wednesday July 8 SF NY
Friday July 10 SF PHI
Saturday July 11 SF PHI
Sunday July 12 SF PHI
Friday July 17 ARI SF
Saturday July 18 ARI SF
Sunday July 19 ARI SF
Monday July 20 SD SF
Tuesday July 21 SD SF
Wednesday July 22 SD SF
Friday July 24 SF OAK
Saturday July 25 SF OAK
Sunday July 26 SF OAK
Monday July 27 SF MIL
Tuesday July 28 SF MIL
Wednesday July 29 SF MIL
Friday July 31 TEX SF
Day Month Date Home team Visiting team
Saturday August 1 TEX SF
Sunday August 2 TEX SF
Monday August 3 ATL SF
Tuesday August 4 ATL SF
Wednesday August 5 ATL SF
Thursday August 6 CHI SF
Friday August 7 CHI SF
Saturday August 8 CHI SF
Sunday August 9 CHI SF
Tuesday August 11 SF HOU
Wednesday August 12 SF HOU
Thursday August 13 SF WSH
Friday August 14 SF WSH
Saturday August 15 SF WSH
Sunday August 16 SF WSH
Monday August 17 STL SF
Tuesday August 18 STL SF
Wednesday August 19 STL SF
Thursday August 20 PIT SF
Friday August 21 PIT SF
Saturday August 22 PIT SF
Sunday August 23 PIT SF
Tuesday August 25 SF CHI
Wednesday August 26 SF CHI
Thursday August 27 SF CHI
Friday August 28 SF STL
Saturday August 29 SF STL
Sunday August 30 SF STL
Monday August 31 LA SF
Day Month Date Home team Visiting team
Tuesday September 1 LA SF
Wednesday September 2 LA SF
Thursday September 3 COL SF
Friday September 4 COL SF
Saturday September 5 COL SF
Sunday September 6 COL SF
Monday September 7 ARI SF
Tuesday September 8 ARI SF
Wednesday September 9 ARI SF
Friday September 11 SF SD
Saturday September 12 SF SD
Sunday September 13 SF SD
Monday September 14 SF CIN
Tuesday September 15 SF CIN
Wednesday September 16 SF CIN
Friday September 18 SF ARI
Saturday September 19 SF ARI
Sunday September 20 SF ARI
Tuesday September 22 SD SF
Wednesday September 23 SD SF
Thursday September 24 SD SF
Friday September 25 OAK SF
Saturday September 26 OAK SF
Sunday September 27 OAK SF
Monday September 28 SF LA
Tuesday September 29 SF LA
Wednesday September 30 SF LA
Day Month Date Home team Visiting team
Thursday October 1 SF LA
Friday October 2 SF COL
Saturday October 3 SF COL
Sunday October 4 SF COL

The biggest surprise: That late-season A's series. Suddenly it's not so cute, this mini-rivalry. One or both teams should be in the playoff hunt, and that series could screw all sorts of things up for one of the teams. Then, right after, the Giants have to host the Dodgers. Brrrrr.

The AL West is the Giants' interleague partner, so there will be World Series rematches with the Angels (boooo) and Rangers (yaaaay), along with games against the Mariners and Astros. The Giants go a full two weeks before their first off day on April 20, which would be the perfect setup for a Tim Lincecum joke that I'm not making right now.

According to my calculations, the Giants will play the Padres a lot next season.

The ring ceremony will be Saturday, April 18 against the Diamondbacks.

There you have it, the 2015 Giants schedule (provisional). That stupid A's series is freaking me out. It should freak you out, too.