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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 9/4

Dumpue of Zeus at Olinkia

That ball didn't go over the fence? The TEMERITY!
That ball didn't go over the fence? The TEMERITY!
Rob Foldy

Shut up, Coors Field. You're dumb.

Baby Ruth: Giancarlo Stanton’s Historic Season, Crazy Comps, and Big Payday
I don't think about Giancarlo Stanton enough, and that's probably because he's on the Marlins. It's a shame that they're so easy to ignore, but playing for that team with that history and that owner makes them easy to overlook. So let's all not overlook Giancarlo Stanton's prodigious talent, where "prodigious" is defined as "the word that you use to describe the talent of someone who is really talented"


How Billy came back to baseball
Billy Bean, the ex-baseball player who came out as gay after his playing career, recently was named baseball's ambassador for inclusion, and this is his story. The important takeaway is that despite the similar name, he is distinct from A's GM Billy Beane, and while you might be tempted to make a joke about that, you shouldn't. You really just shouldn't. It won't be good.


GreenJackets Player Report: Keury Mella
Now that the minor league seasons of the Giants' affiliates have ended – aside from our beloved Richmond Flying Squirrels, of course – it's time to start looking at what kinds of seasons the organization's top prospects had. Here, intrepid Augusta Greenjackets reporter David Lee scouts Keury Mella, who he says has the highest ceiling of a Greenjacket since Kyle Crick, and the best stuff since Madison Bumgarner. So basically it's 50/50 between his becoming either an All-Star who gets perennial Cy Young votes, or a guy who could walk Yao Ming with home plate being the size of a yacht.


The Three Ways Mo’ne Davis Changed Baseball Forever
This article from the Hardball Times has plenty of interesting information, but can we talk about the title? We all know that the international standard for whether a title is legally classified as clickbait is if it surpasses a half-Upworthy, and sadly this does. It is a list about how a newly famous person has changed the world forever. Come on, THT. The whole reason I read all those words in your articles is so I can feel good about myself for supporting such a highbrow site. Don't ruin that.


Breaking Madden: Jadeveon Clowney's quest for 201 sacks in a game
The NFL is a terrible league full of terrible people who hurt each other in terrible ways, and that all comes together to create an entertaining sport that you might have qualms about watching. But you should have no qualms about watching Breaking Madden, Jon Bois's running feature all about doing silly things with a video game. Se how I worked qualms in there twice? That's a smooth segue, people. Smooth segue.