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2014 MLB Postseason: Giants roster notes

Michael Morse is close enough to be considered for the roster; Chris Dominguez isn't with the team; Barry Bonds still unsigned.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

While I stay home and make manhattans in preparation for the Royals and A's, there are actual writers in Pittsburgh working hard to bring us Giants news. Let us summarize their findings in the interest of disposable Facebook traffic comprehensive coverage.

Michael Morse felt good enough to take batting practice (source)
But not good enough to declare himself fully available, like Josh Hamilton did. Considering the flexibility of the 25-man roster -- you just need one starting pitcher, which opens up three or four roster spots -- I could see the Giants sneaking Morse on the roster for a pinch-hitting role. Ishikawa is definitely the left fielder, with Morse being "doubtful."

Ehire Adrianza is in Pittsburgh (source)
Huh. That's something, alright. He says his hamstring is 100 percent, which is good. He's also not on the 40-man roster (he's on the 60-day DL), so that means the Giants would have to clear a roster spot for him. Angel Pagan isn't on the 60-day DL, so that would be one easy fix until the end of the season.

The more important question has to do with what the Giants would want with Adrianza. They're incredibly thin in the outfield, not so much in the infield. Between Matt Duffy, Joaquin Arias, Joe Panik, and Brandon Crawford, the Giants have four players with experience at short. Adrianza is probably the best defender of the bunch, possibly excluding Crawford, but I can't imagine him being ready to hit major league pitching without even a rehab assignment.

Chris Dominguez didn't make the trip (source)
I was starting to worry a little when he got a couple starts. The Giants can really use a dinger-swatting utility player who can play the outfield. After a few cocktails, Dominguez almost looks like that guy. He is not that guy. I wish him the best and a Jose Bautista career path, but I was against him being within 500 feet of a postseason roster.

Brett Bochy, Mike Kickham, and Chris Heston also didn't make the trip, either. None of them were expected to be contending for a roster spot, though.

Adam Duvall is still a possibility (source)
Once the Giants figured out that Ishikawa can stick as an outfielder, this seemed like something that made a lot more sense than Dominguez. The big lefty-munching bats off the bench are Susac, Arias, Duffy, Perez, Quiroz, in that order. Duvall would slot between Susac and Arias, I'd think.

Gary Brown is also in Pittsburgh, so even if he's not on the roster, his lucky bongo-head will still be available off the bench for pinch-bongoing.

Bochy is considering 10 or 11 pitchers (source)
That would be a nine- or 10-man bullpen, which is three or four more relievers than the typical roster. I get a need for security, and it's better to run out of hitters than pitchers, but this seems a touch overzealous.

  1. Bumgarner
  2. Other starter (Petit or Hudson)
  3. Casilla
  4. Romo
  5. Lopez
  6. Affeldt
  7. Machi
  8. Strickland
  9. Gutierrez
  10. Lincecum

Who else needs to be on? Even Lincecum's a stretch. I guess if they're enamored of Erik Cordier ... but I'd rather have the extra bat at that point.

The official 25-man rosters should be released on Wednesday morning.