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Giants get drubbed, mercifully leave Coors Field

Run. Run and don't look back, Giants.

Justin Edmonds

The first thing to remember about Coors Field is that the Giants don't have to play there for months. Months. Hundreds of days will pass between now and the next time you have to watch a baseball game in Colorado. The Giants will get on an airplane and fly away, far away. They'll go to Detroit, sweet Detroit, magical land of milk, honey, axel grease, and Ryan Theriot war screams. On Thursday, the Giants will be 1,261 miles away, doing whatever it is they do in Detroit during an off day, and they will not be in or even near Coors Field.

Really, that almost makes it feel like the Giants won today.

If you consider this a four-game series of sorts, the Giants split the series. Park-adjusted, that's a series win. If you don't want to include the suspended game, the Giants lost two of three. Park-adjusted, that's a series split. The Giants didn't fully atone for the Rockies rudely breaking the long-standing you-lose-here, we-lose-there truce in June, but they still came out ahead because the 2014 Giants never have to play at Coors Field again.

This is a good day, once you ignore the bad things.


That's what I'm going to to: ignore the bad things. There are so many problems in this crazy world, you ever notice that? All I know is that the sun is shining and the season series with the Rockies is over. There's no sense dwelling on Ryan Vogelsong and the four dingers, just like there's no sense in going back and reminding everyone about all the hard-hit balls in the first two innings that he got away with. Just like there's no sense freaking out about the balls that kept sweeping into the middle of the plate. Just like there's no sense looking for all the 10+ hit games with two-or-fewer runs and finding out that the Giants have had three in the last month, when they usually average three per year.

Why would you want to read that? You would not.

Positive things, then. Here goes:

  • Joe Panik keeps hitting and slashing the ball all over the ballpark. He also made a diving play with a degree of difficulty we haven't seen since a healthy Freddy Sanchez. It takes exactly two cold weeks to turn this from a rookie love affair to something more obnoxious, but it looks like when it comes to second base, the Giants slipped on a banana peel, fell out a window, and somehow landed in a pile of soft, delicious gummy worms.

  • Buster Posey keeps hitting. He will save us

  • Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez were both held hitless

  • Erik Cordier threw several 101-mph fastballs, the first time I've seen a Giants pitcher do that since early Brian Wilson. There's a reason why Cordier didn't have a 0.00 ERA in Fresno (control), but it's always fun to watch a reliever do that.

  • Jayson Werth dropped a ball with two outs in the ninth inning against the Dodgers, which allowed them to come back and tie the game. 

  • Jayson Werth was on first base when Steve Finley hit his grand slam.

  • Now I'm thinking about Steve Finley.

  • Wait, positive things positive things positive things positi ... eh, screw it.

  • The Giants don't have to play at Coors Field for the rest of the year.

That game stunk. The last week has not. I prefer to think about the parts of the last week that did not stink.