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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 9/29

There's only one Dumptober!

Brian Bahr

Good thing the Pirates have Russell Martin. Otherwise, I don't know how I'd get myself to hate them by Wednesday.

Since the Royals last made the playoffs ...
The last time the Royals were in the playoffs, I wasn't even born yet. I'm not just saying that to make everyone who remembers the 1985 World Series feel old, but instead to provide some perspective. I wasn't around, so nothing in the world mattered. Now that I'm here, the Royals have finally made a postseason run and it's actually important. Am I a hero for graciously allowing the Royals to finally have a single accomplishment? Probably.


Cespedes BBQ Playoff Preview 2014: Keys To The Postseason
As many of you have seen televised broadcasts of sporting events, you know how complex and inside baseball-y the keys to the game can get. Frequently, the announcers will have to explain "Put up zeroes" in minute detail just so the common everyday fan can understand why a team would want to do that. Fortunately, in order for us to "get" the playoffs better, Cespedes Family BBQ has put together a guide to all the things every playoff team has to do to win. This is as comprehensive as it gets, people. They do so great a job, it renders the TV Keys to the Game totally meaningless, and that's a tall order.


Rockies players speak out against front office
Does all the dysfunction in Colorado stem from Dinger being allowed to stand behind home plate and try to distract opposing pitchers? I don't want to claim any expertise here, as I'm not a scientist who's engaged in years of rigorous analysis over this very question, but I can unequivocally say with absolute confidence, yes. As long as Dinger is still with the Rockies, this not-quite-the-Mets-but-still-funny laughingstock will continue to be roundly and rightfully mocked, and they'll deserve it.


Bay Area Sports Guy – Making the Show: behind the scenes look at a Giants broadcast
Have you ever wondered if the loathing hidden in every frame of a Giants broadcast could be repressed long enough to fool an outside observer into thinking everyone likes each other? Well, good news! Now, sure, you could claim I'm making the "everyone hates each other" story up because I somehow stuck myself in a worldview that doesn't allow anyone involved with the Giants organization to display a modicum of competence. but I don't have a second part of this sentence to refute that assertion. Dammit. I'd really hoped I could come up with something by now.


Giants' Sergio Romo inspired a teen girl to keep fighting
I'm sure most of you read this on Friday, and congratulations for that. You put one over on Ol' Groug. You must have so many inexpressible emotions. That's okay. Just try to breathe, and not sob too loudly, because dang.