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Angel Pagan out for season

And postseason, too, in case you had any false hopes.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Angel Pagan, magic talisman, is lost for the season. His aborted comeback took a step back because his back couldn't bounce back, and he's having surgery in an effort to return by spring training. From Alex Pavlovic:

"It was just time to get something done," manager Bruce Bochy said. "We’ll get it done now so he can have a full go in spring training. There was no sense in trying (to keep playing). This wasn’t going to work."


Gregor Blanco will be the regular center fielder, and the Giants will ask a lot from him, just like they asked a lot from him in 2012, when Melky Cabrera was suspended for performance-enhancing drugs. He did mighty fine in the role, and he was an unsung hero of the 2012 season. He's no Pagan, but without a back, Pagan isn't much of a Pagan, either.

The news is less grim with Michael Morse, and Pavlovic reports that it's possible he return by the end of the Padres series.

Live by the 30-somethings. Die by the 30-somethings. The Giants had better get busy livin', or get busy figuring out who in the hell to play in left field next to Gregor Blanco. I go full defense and put Perez in center and Blanco in left, but I might be in the minority in that one.