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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 9/23

We build our planes and our links till we think we might dump, far from North America

Do you people have no gratitude for Andrelton?
Do you people have no gratitude for Andrelton?

Last night's Giants game was fun. It wouldn't have been fun if they'd lost, but they won!

Analysis like this is why I get paid the big bucks to not do analysis.

Free-agent missteps led to demise of Wren
I'm not going to suggest that Frank Wren was a perfect GM – if you say BJ Upton's name in a mirror three times, he'll just kinda hang out in your bathroom for a while, making things awkward for everyone until you pay him tens of millions of dollars  – but if the Braves had to choose between Wren and Fredi Gonzalez, they chose wrong. Fredi might be the worst manager in baseball, and somehow he had enough front office support to keep his job. There's no doubt in my mind that if Bruce Bochy managed the Braves, even with all their injuries, they'd be a playoff team this year. I guess the good news is that the stupid Braves are doing a stupid thing, which is something that we can all come together to support.


You won't want to miss these eight new fall TV series starring MLB players
I'm a sucker for photoshopped posters combining baseball with TV, so this was obviously going to get linked even if it didn't feature starring roles for two different Giants. Of the two, Scooter Cops is obviously the show with more potential. Imagine Hunter Pence on his scooter solving crimes for twenty-two hours a year, and tell me you wouldn't watch that show. I'm already getting chills thinking of the scene at the end of the season finale when he chases after his nemesis David Ortiz, only to watch him escape . . . in a Hummer.


Major League Baseball creates a pace of game committee
Baseball games have been getting longer this year, which I assume is mostly Juan Gutierrez's fault. So MLB has created a committee to try and sort that whole situation out. I don't know if I really trust them that much, though. Without some ribbon color shorthand to tell me how good the committee is, their reliability is questionable. If Major League Baseball wants to convince me they're serious about this endeavor, I will accept no less than an indigo-ribbon committee, and I'd prefer at least chartreuse.


Oriole Bird executes judo takedown after punch to beans
Grant is doing some important work in chronicling punches to the beans, but he's not doing it here, so I think I need to draw your attention to it. Yer doin' God's work, Oriole Bird. Keep on keepin' on.


3-boobed Fla. woman desires to be unattractive to men
Florida, people. Florida.