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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 9/19

When I see a solar eclipse like the one I went to last year in Hawaii, I dump "Oh no! Is the moon linking the sun?"

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Happy Friday! If you have a Sporcle account and you want a badge because quiz site badges give you a feeling of accomplishment, head over and play a few games about pirates today.

Barry Bonds case: Conviction reversal seems likely
Okay, so stay with me on this one, because it'll take you back a while. Remember how a few years ago there was a guy on the Giants named Barry Bonds, and he hit a lot of home runs, and the federal government got really mad at him and put him on trial, and they eventually got a conviction on an obstruction of justice charge? Well, he appealed, and from the questions the judges asked the prosecution, it seems pretty likely that the conviction will be overturned. The questions covered important legal matters like "How many homers did you hit, smartypants?" and "What was your WAR after turning 35?" Seems fair to me.


How far the mighty A's, Red Sox have fallen
Should we talk about the A's collapse? I feel like we should, but on the other hand I wouldn't want to get A's fans angry at Giants fans. I wouldn't want A's fans to feel like we were haughty and superior, that we feel entitled to laugh at their pain, that we watch as the Giants repeatedly mistreat the A's and laugh and laugh. I'm sure if I avoid saying anything mean about the A's, their fans will respect and like the Giants, because that's how that works.


Dipoto credits Scioscia for adapting to changes
Since I still have some psychic scarring from that thing the Angels did that time, I consider this a tragedy. When will noted historical villain Mike Scioscia finally get his comeuppance? Or is this one of those bullshit postmodern "There is no God and life is meaningless" things? Because if it is, that territory was already well covered by Steve Finley, thank you very much.


9 Celebrities who Agree: "We Are The Wild"
What do Willem Dafoe, Lance Bass, and Madison Bumgarner have in common? If you said "Who are three people who've never been in my kitchen?" then congratulations on all the TV you've watched, but as we did not ask for Jeopardy format, you get no money. No, they all participated in a video to support The Wilderness Society, an organization created to protect, you know, wilderness. Bumgarner's part is sadly very short, presumably because five words was the upper limit on how many ordinary Americans could understand.


#28 Brett Tomko 2009 Yankees Game Used Road Pants
You can buy Brett Tomko's game used pants, and I don't know why you're not doing that right now.