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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 9/16

Sometimes the honking horns of your traffic make me want to get out of my BMW and link off into the dumps or whatever.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

I'm very excited for that new Cuban guy who the Giants haven't signed and will probably be outbid for. Yasmany Torres will save us!

First edition of September History Watch
Are you ready for some Statistical Oddities That Are Kinda Interesting? If your first instinct is that you're not ready, what if I told you there were three oddities, and they were all dinger-related? What if I told you that some of the players whose names show up are must-click guys, titans of baseball such as Barry Bonds, Giancarlo Stanton, and Dan Uggla? Does the presence of Dan Uggla intrigue you? It's okay, you can admit it. You're among friends here. We won't judge.


Ask BA: Greatest Misses, Prospect Handbook Edition
It's fun to get excited about prospects, only to be horribly disappointed when only some of them turn into Poseys or Bumgarners.

/pours one out for Marcus Sanders

But who are the best players who were never even a top-30 prospect in their organizations? It's a top-heavy list, since it's so rare for someone with a lot of talent to avoid a spot on prospect lists. Generally, guys with major league tools will stay on those lists for years even when there are garish red flags in their minor league performances.

/prepares to pour one out for Kyle Crick

Still, if you want to hold on to that tiny glimmer of hope that, like, Ben Turner will turn into the next Yorvit Torrealba, here's a list of pumpkins who turned into glass slippers.

/is sadly out of beer


The Beginner’s Guide to Using Statistics Properly
Statistics! We use them often, for everything from proving Ruben Amaro Jr wrong to proving Ruben Amaro Jr wrong several minutes later. But how should we be using them? Should we accept them at face value, berating anyone who thinks Mike Morse has been a better player than Gregor Blanco this year? Or should we assume that these numbers are garbage because of that time a blind scout heard the crack of the bat and knew the guy couldn't hit a curveball? We should do BOTH. This is the fully human/fully divine of baseball. Embrace the mystery!


Carl Crawford Struggles Against His Body
You might be surprised to learn that Carl Crawford has had a lot of injuries in his career. How does he cope? Other than his blood-of-newborns diet, of course, because it's not foolproof. Darren Dreifort was the first to use that particular treatment, and we can see how well it worked for him.


Make Tebow an NFL Starting QB by Steve Matoren
This is the story of a simple man with a simple dream. All he's asking for is $500 million, so he can buy an NFL team and make Tim Tebow the starting quarterback. Won't you help Steve in his quest? It would mean ever so much to him. And it would mean even more to America.