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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 9/15

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I'm just a caveman. I dumped in some ice and later got linked out by some of your scientists.

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This photo captures so much
This photo captures so much
Rich Schultz

Congratulations to San Francisco sports teams. You tried yesterday, and that's what really counts.

Papelbon blows save, makes gesture, ejected
If you look closely at the gif (HARD G) in this link, you'll see very clearly that Papelbon was in no way being lewd. If he were a childless man who made that gesture, sure, but, as he makes clear in the article, he has two young children at home, so that changes everything. Ever since he took that Parenting Test that allows you to have kids, Jonathan Papelbon has been a completely different person. Shame on you for suspecting that he might be so crass. Shame on you.


Why Are Baseball Seasons 162 Games Long?
Is the answer to that question going to change your life? Probably not, especially since it sadly doesn't involve anything cool like a pentagram, or a pig being sowled, or a mysterious treasure map that can only lead you to riches if you have the corresponding map of British Honduras. Instead, it's just math and tradition. Sorry, Satanist pig-holders looking for booty. Not this time.


Video: Brisbee joins MLB Now
Grant goes on MLB Network to talk about the then-in-the-future Dodgers series and Jake Peavy's resurgence since coming to San Francisco. Look at him, with life in his eyes and hope in his soul, with no knowledge of the 17-0 game that would shake the foundation of his very being. Oh, how young you were, Grant. How young we all were.


Talking About Money
So what do 18-year-olds do with all that money they suddenly have when they sign a million dollar contract, anyway? And for that matter, what do the few successful ones do when they make much, much more money in the majors? Let's go to the NL Central to find out. Does AJ Pierzynski set up bare-knuckle boxing tournaments between school bullies in order to find a protege who he can train in his dickish ways? Well, he never denies it in the article. Not once. So draw your own conclusions.


Grandmas keep accidentally tagging themselves as Grandmaster Flash on Facebook
Guess they didn't get . . . the message.
/puts on sunglasses
/waits for lecture about how Grandmaster Flash himself had nothing to do with The Message
/y'all just haters