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Video of Brandon Belt taking batting practice

Sounds boring, unless you were worried he wasn't going to swing a bat for a long, long time.

Brandon Belt was cleared for baseball-related activities on Thursday, which sounded both pleasing and vague. Pleasing because it means he's closer to returning; vague because maybe that just means he's going to spend the rest of the season playing pepper behind the batting cage*.

Good news, not only is there a chance that Belt will be activated as soon as Friday, but he took batting practice in full uniform before the game.


Bonus Easter eggs:

  1. Brian Wilson chatting with Jon Miller in the background
  2. Steve Perry at the end of the video
  3. Brandon Belt hitting line drives

My hands are shaking the phone because I hadn't had a drink, not because I was nervous around Steve Perry. Maybe a little because I was nervous around Steve Perry. I was going to introduce myself, but after I shot the video, we went our separate ways.

Brandon Belt, in a Giants uniform, swinging a bat. Oh, the things you take for granted. He shouldn't rush back, of course. The Giants aren't in any rush. They can take their time and fill the first base slot with whatever capable hands they have and...

Uh. But, you know, no time like the present. If it's safe.

*No pepper!