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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 9/11

Said you had no choice, you're dumping back east where links are links

Yet another Thing that Konerko is being given
Yet another Thing that Konerko is being given
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Links! We all know where they're dumped, but is there more to the story? Click and find out.

For Konerko, a Steady White Sox Presence, 16 Years of Earning His Keep Is an Ample Farewell
Is anyone else sick of all the Paul Konerko fanfare? Like, come on guys, you don't need to give him a farewell tour. Admittedly, it was kinda nice when the Dodgers gave him Vin Scully as a memento of Konerko's debut with Los Angeles in 1997, but when the Astros gave him the world's biggest salami to commemorate his grand slam in the 2005 World Series, that was a little much.


Former Mets executive sues Jeff Wilpon, alleging he fired her for having a baby without being married
I like the funny Mets better. You know, the ones who would fire an executive for expecting them to know what wRC+ is, only to see her immediately get a job with the Nationals, win two World Series, and invent a hoverbike. But these are instead the gross Mets, and I would much rather go back to the innocent days of Bernie Madoff bilking the Wilpons out of millions of dollars, and all of New York somehow agreeing it's Carlos Beltran's fault.


Time has come for Dodgers to sit Yasiel Puig and play Andre Ethier
I could not possibly agree with this article more. Did you know that Puig is hitting very poorly over his last arbitrary sample of games? That's the sort of thing a manager should really take into account. Not only that, but Adrian Gonzalez is hitting .000 in his last 1 at bats and Clayton Kershaw has given up two runs in his last three innings. Just to be safe, they should all be benched in favor of veterans who have been there before, like Aubrey Huff and Jason Schmidt. Playoff experience, Donnie! Playoff experience.


The myth of second-half momentum
There's been a lot of ink spilled over the A's recent troubles, which is bizarre because most of these articles have been on the Internet, which is a medium that doesn't even use ink. But if the A's make it into the playoffs, do those struggles matter? Some would say no, using things like "math" to prove their point. These people are witches, and must be destroyed. We're all counting on you. You can do this.


The Wet Stuff: Jeff Henry, Verrukt, and the Men Who Built the Great American Waterpark
17 stories seems too high for a waterslide. I mean, 15 stories, sure, that I could handle. but 17? Oh, no. You're flying too close to the sun which makes you look back at your dead wife who's opening a box of evils inside a giant wooden horse. Don't do that, man. Don't do it.