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Brandon Belt back on 7-day disabled list with concussion-related symptoms

After headaches on Wednesday, Belt was placed on the concussion DL on Friday.

Mike McGinnis

Brandon Belt was hit in the face with an errant Marco Scutaro throw on July 21, and the updates after that ranged from disappointing to horrifying before slowly improving. Concussions are freaky things and brains are complicated and delicate pieces of neuron origami. When he returned from the DL, everyone exhaled a little bit.

He's back on the 7-day DL after experiencing headaches on Wednesday. The Brewers doctor didn't think it was related to the concussion, but that seemed miraculously coincidental. Apparently, it wasn't.

As with the last time, there's no timetable. This isn't a hand bone connected to the finger bone that needs x weeks to heal. This is over when the brain says it is, which might be a long, long time. Or it might be tomorrow.

Matt Duffy, who was technically sent down to make room for Angel Pagan, was on the team plane in Kansas City, so he'll be on the roster for Friday night's game.

Worry about Belt as a person experiencing unsettling headaches first, and worry about the Giants second. But some good ol'-fashioned worrying all around is probably justified.