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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 8/8

Now the problem is dumping a link back home

A dramatic moment from the first performance of the play
A dramatic moment from the first performance of the play
Norm Hall

The Giants have a .000 winning percentage in the post-Duffy era. I'm beginning to think that his demotion demoralized the team.

A Short Play Involving Kevin Towers and Tony La Russa
At no point is this play identified as a true story, but it also doesn't say that it's not a true story. As the only two options are true or untrue, there's a 50% chance it happened, and since, as any middle school math student knows, you round .5 up to 1, this conversation definitely happened. You can't deny it. That's just Math.


MLB pops Dodgers' bubble
We've all been wondering what the Dodgers' secret was for the last year and a half, and it turns out it was right under our noses the whole time. At least, it was if our noses were right above the bubble machine in their dugout, which, honestly, would be a very strange place for our noses. Even one nose there would be unusual, because you would think the face it was attached to would move at some point, but multiple noses? That strains credulity.


Fuse lit: MASN goes to court to keep from having to pay the Nats more money for TV rights
I appreciate regional anarchy when it isn't happening in the place I live, so I think this story is fun. I guess it sucks for the Nationals and Orioles, who don't want to frantically worry about the business side of baseball, but for me, who gets to sit back and watch chaos unfold, it's like a grand old show. Specifically, a pretty boring show that I don't want to watch but whose details I'm vaguely interested in. Kinda like a real life version of The Leftovers.


The Super-Rotation Rivalry
People like to say "Pitching wins championships." But is that true? Well, in the sense that it is impossible to win a baseball championship without employing many pitchers on your team, yes. In the sense that pitching is the most important thing, well, no, not really. Now, this may be counterintuitive, but try not to act too shocked: The best predictor of winning a lot in the playoffs is winning a lot during the regular season.

If you don't read the next link because you need a minute to recover, I'll totally understand.


Los Angeles Dodgers acquire RHP Roberto Hernandez from Philadelphia Phillies
The Dodgers traded for Roberto Hernandez, hoping that the ex-Fausto posts good numbers down the stretch in place of Josh Beckett. Now I may be a Giants fan, but there is one statistic I hope he excels in, and that's Not Taking Forever Between Pitches Like A Jerk. Since everyone who gets traded to the Dodgers instantly becomes a jerk, it doesn't look too good, but I'm still holding out hope. This is McCovey Chronicles, after all, and here, we frown upon pessimism.