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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 8/28

And nothing matters when we're dumping, in tat or tatters you're enlinking

I didn't feel like finding a picture of Jon Miller, so here is a Buster Posey and you're welcome
I didn't feel like finding a picture of Jon Miller, so here is a Buster Posey and you're welcome
Thearon W. Henderson

I'd say that after last night, I covered all my notebooks with hearts whose insides say "Mr Groug Posey," but it would be a lie. I did that years ago.

Miller on 2010 World Series
Jon Miller talks about the decisions Bruce Bochy made that helped the Giants win their first championship in San Francisco. In my mind, Bochy's best decision was framing Jose Guillen for that HGH shipment, and creating a trail of evidence skillfully enough to exonerate himself. Trust me, as someone who's forged lots of evidence (enjoy that Guadalajara jail cell, Kenshin!), that's the real tricky part.


'Survivor' casts John Rocker, Spider-Man actor, Amazing Race alums
We all remember Jeff Kent's star turn on Survivor a couple years ago, and now it looks like John Rocker will be stepping into his unwashed motorcycle seat. This works out, because lately I've been wondering why the media never lets us hear from the racist asshole demographic, and it turns out, every once in a while, they do! Thanks, The Media! This is super helpful for everyone.


A Good Reason To Watch Yusmeiro Petit Pitch
While for us, the mere fact that Yusmeiro Petit is today's starting pitcher for the Giants, the team we root for, is reason enough to watch him, the rest of the baseball-watching public needs a better reason. And that reason is that he is only eight outs away from setting a major league record for consecutive batters retired. But you, the discerning Giants fan, don't need that reason, of course. You just need the chance to watch him give up four runs in five innings and yell at your TV "WHY ARE YOU ONLY GOOD FROM THE BULLPEN? WHY?"


How the trend of accelerated prospect development has affected rookie offensive success
A lot of prospects have ridden a wave of hype to the majors this year, only to fall in the water when the . . . uh, my total lack of surfing experience is making me reconsider this metaphor. So why have Gregory Polanco, Travis d'Arnaud, Xander Bogaerts, and their equally disappointing brethren fallen so flat this year? Is it because Joe Panik is hogging all the rookie hits for himself, using some sort of hits straw to drink up their hits milkshakes? Because if so, and I cannot stress this enough, I am totally cool with that.


Episode 129: Thomassons
You know how sometimes in a city you'll see something that serves no purpose, like a pipe that cuts off in midair or Tim Lincecum? (At this point, please imagine the world's saddest Hey-O.) Well, these kinds of architectural features are called Thomassons, named after Gary Thomasson, whose Japanese career was, to put it kindly, undistinguished. Why? I'm not telling, but if you want a hint, read the entire article and then focus on the part where it says the answer. I bet you can figure it out from there.