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San Francisco Giants Link Dump 8/26

So I don't believe in the dump, how can it link down on everyone

Look at how America he is
Look at how America he is
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Idea: the Giants stop playing like stupid jerks. You may say I'm a dreamer . . .

Is a good framer also a good blocker (and vice versa)?
Well golly gee, let's look at how many Buster Poseys are on the lists of both good framers and good ball blockers. I see one! No one could have seen that coming. And here I was, thinking that Buster was terrible and the worst and should be moved to third, first, and shortstop simultaneously, because if a guy can't handle three positions at once, then why'd they even make him MVP anyway?


Adam Duvall named to the All-PCL First Team
Congratulations, Adam! You must be very proud of this accomplishment, as you head back to Fresno, which is definitely the city where you want to be playing baseball. You will certainly be honored when you are feted with a hero's welcome, being paraded all through town as the city council showers raisins upon you from the rooftops. And as you ride down Raisin Avenue in that iconic Fresno raisinmobile, I'm sure that you will reflect on the fact that the guy who wrote this only knows one thing about Fresno, and is milking it for all he's worth.


MLBAM Chief Says Local Broadcasts May Be Available On Mobile
I'm not saying this is a bad thing, because of course it isn't, but don't take it for a sign that MLB Advanced Media is done being a bunch of dumb jerks. There's no guarantee that people in Hawaii will ever be allowed to legally watch Giants games, but at least local fans being able to watch on mobile platforms would be a first step. To be fair, figuring out all those rights is complicated, so we shouldn't expect baseball to ever address it, because why would it even be smart for baseball to let people pay money to consume their product? I don't see who would benefit from that.


Cubs operate like a fast-food franchise, and that's a problem
I've put some thought into it, and a company whose payroll is in the hundreds of millions of dollars probably shouldn't pinch pennies to the extent that the Cubs do. I know, I know. I really shouldn't question them. Obviously the people in charge of the Cubs know what they're doing in all areas of baseball operations, and if they want to go out of their way to avoid their grounds crew getting healthcare, well, that's probably just the new market inefficiency.


Ryne Sandberg has a chat with his angry players
This is the kind of no-nonsense leadership that Baseball Men agree sends the right message. Kudos, non-fictional Ryne. Kudos.