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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 8/25

The book of links has dumps in it - in fact, that's where dumps come from

Your move, Pablo. Four feet outside. Do it.
Your move, Pablo. Four feet outside. Do it.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

I'm laughing at all you suckers who watched yesterday's game. I was at the Baby Giants game!

That game was also terrible.

How does Pence hit (very) high fastballs? By practicing...
If you'll think back to Saturday's Giants game and remember The Only Good Thing That Happened, you might be wondering, "How did that happen?" Because that fastball that Hunter Pence homered on was at his eyes, and not even the freakish reflexes of his people can wholly account for that thing going out. So how does he do it? He practices, using a tip that he got from . . . PEDRO FELIZ.

This means something. This means everything. I'm just about ready to bust this whole case wide open. You'll see. You'll all see.


Augusta GreenJackets coach Todd Linden works on different side of pro baseball development
Yes, you have to take a quiz before reading this article, but feel free to say you're mildly dissatisfied with the last Holiday Inn you stayed at (SICK BURN ON YOU, HOLIDAY INN) and move on. Because let's be honest here: the core audience of this site is desperate for updates on Todd Linden. So here I am, giving you the scoop. Well, not personally, but I am showing you the scoop. I am facilitating your acquisition of the scoop. It's a very important job.


Ritzo the voice of season for San Jose Giants
Joe Ritzo has been broadcasting games for San Jose since 2007, so let's all learn more about him. But not only do we learn about Joe, we also learn about the broadcasters for the big Giants. Did you know that they hired a new guy? It's true!


I've got high hopes for Tim.


Coal and Politics in Ky., Civil War Baseball in Tenn., Studying History in Va. Cemetaries
I am not belittling the importance of coal in Kentucky politics when I say that the main attraction here is the segment starting around 42:20 about old-timey baseball in Tennessee, featuring the dulcet tones of one Brandon Hollingsworth. At least, I hope they're dulcet. I don't technically know what dulcet means, other than it being what you say about someone with a nice voice, so I'm like 80% sure it fits here.


What Baseball's Most Famous Brawl Photo Didn't Show You
This is an excellent story from Deadspin about the Roseboro-Marichal fight, and how John Roseboro wasn't quite the innocent that picture would have you believe. Despite that, Marichal was obviously wrong to hit Roseboro with a baseball bat, which he later recognized, and they became friends, proving that friendship can overcome obstacles like assault with a bat or, even more impressively, a rivalry to which we as fans attach arbitrary importance.