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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 8/15

But she's not afraid to dump, all her friends call her Alinka

Maybe Tim's problem has been blowing on his hand too much. I'm grasping at straws here, okay.
Maybe Tim's problem has been blowing on his hand too much. I'm grasping at straws here, okay.
Ed Zurga

Two off days in the span of four days is dumb scheduling and I don't care who knows it. Though I hope the schedulers know it. That would be helpful for the future.

Tim Lincecum’s Eyes Are Wide Open
Remember how for about a month it seemed like Tim Lincecum was a really good pitcher again? But now it turns out . . . that he isn't? Eno Sarris takes a look at his season on Fangraphs, and concludes that, yeah, he used to be better. Lincecum says he's working on a lot of his problems, though at some point you have to stop being optimistic about him. It's been two and a half years. Cy Young Lincecum is about as likely to come back as Bob Dylan is to record a Bananarama covers album, though both of those things would be awesome.


Vote for Rob Manfred wasn't really unanimous
Rob Manfred was voted the next commissioner of baseball yesterday in a unanimous vote that was only unanimous because when the owners who would have voted against him saw their cause was lost, they quickly got in line and pretended that they'd always supported Manfred, as if that would save them. Rob Manfred remembers every slight. Every. Last. One. And he will have his revenge.

I know nothing about Rob Manfred.


Google already awarded Mike Trout the 2014 AL MVP award
If you think this means that Trout will undoubtedly win the MVP this year, think again. The same searches on other sites produce wildly different results. Yahoo, for example, has already awarded it to Miguel Cabrera (again), while Bing has decided it should go to Felix Hernandez. Meanwhile, Ask dot com thinks it'll be Adrian Beltre, Webcrawler predicts the winner will be David Ortiz, and AOL search is still holding steady for Yogi Berra.

Here are some other search engines to make jokes about: Altavista, Lycos, Excite, HotBot. Fun for the whole family!


Ervin Santana dares Dee Gordon to steal third base
Dee Gordon had just stolen second with Ervin Santana on the mound. Ervin decided to have some fun. And with all apologies to TheLetter2, this little moment made me very glad Brian McCann was somewhere else, because this was hilarious and he never would have let it happen. Though admittedly, it would have been fun to see the first intrateam brawl during a game since Scott Brosius stole David Wells's last chicken finger.


It Should Be Legal to Piss on Sports Team Owners' Graves
I've long believed that sports team owners should have to pay some kind of debt for blackmailing cities into giving them hundreds of millions of dollars, and this is a good way to do that. Obviously, we're talking about the super-rich, who could destroy us all with an indifferent nod, so any actual revenge is out of the question. But as a small symbolic token that they'll be too dead to notice, I think this works out well for everyone. They get to keep cutting sweetheart deals that steal money from schools and social services, and we get to do one petty thing in response. Win-win!


Paul Gets Out There in Candlestick Park
I don't really know what Paul McCartney is doing here, but I can tell it's Important.