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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 8/14

They're taking her links away because they said she was not a good dumper

Thumbs up to being gross, Hawk!
Thumbs up to being gross, Hawk!
Jonathan Daniel

Let's click on links and not think about National Events, okay? Okay.

Video: Ventura ejected after review
The schadenfreude of Hawk Harrelson whining about yesterday's play at the plate is the highlight, of course, but don't ignore The Other Guy being flat-out wrong about what happened, and the White Sox radio guys going a little nuts too. Is there something about being a White Sox announcer that makes you terrible? When you sign up for the job, do they give you some forms to fill out and then have you put all your reasonableness and talent in a jar on a plate for Jerry Reinsdorf to eat and absorb their essence?

If so, it isn't working. He's not any different.


In The Game
A former intern for the High-A Potomac Nationals tells his story for Baseball Prospectus. Was it glamorous? Well, he dressed as the team's mascot at an elementary school, sauteing himself in the sweat of the guy who wore it the night before, so yeah, it was basically a summerlong party at Jay-Z's house.


How Burke Badenhop uses Pitch F/X data
Fangraphs and Pitch F/X are neat tools for us, the nerdy fans, but I often wonder how much the players use it. There have been plenty of guys who'll admit to being pretty saber-friendly , with Brian Bannister being the first to come to mind, mostly because that's all I know about him, but I hadn't heard of how guys use Pitch F/X stuff until I read this article. Sadly, impressive as they are, these technological innovations have not yet reached beyond the demographic of "Pitchers whose initials are BB". Someday!



Dangerous Experiment: A Roster of 25 Adam Dunns
This is literally a Notgraphs article and I am linking it, so you know it has to be good. In this highly scientific experiment, Patrick Dubuque created four teams in OOTP (which is a baseball simulation game): One team of entirely Adam Dunns, one of Dee Gordons, one of Bartolo Colons, and one of Koji Ueharas. He then simulated a league with those four in it and saw what happened. It's nice that science is finally contributing something important to the world after decades of doing worthless things like creating Snuggies and inventing new fonts.


Would-Be Mayor Gracious After Losing to Dog
Like I always say: If given a choice between a dog and a person, I will choose the dog every time.