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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 8/12

You're link and I'm dump, hey babe, I'm gonna miss you now that you're gone

I feel like I've used this picture before, but as I'll go on to say in the article, lazy
I feel like I've used this picture before, but as I'll go on to say in the article, lazy
Thearon W. Henderson

/spends the morning watching The Fisher King

Jake Peavy's career saved by a surgical first
It would be a hacky and obvious joke to suggest that he have another surgery to learn how to win, so obviously I don't have any other ideas. But it's interesting (to me, at least, and you're all stuck reading me, unless you were to somehow skip my words and start talking about lunch in the comments) that Peavy got an unnatural advantage to his game in the form of a surgery that wouldn't have even been performed ten years ago. But you know what's really performance enhancing? Drugs. Not the ones you take to recover from surgery, but, you know, the other ones.


Consumers Win Right to Trial vs MLB Over Blackouts
We've talked a little bit about MLB Advanced Media's dumb blackout rules here (this is where a link to that should be, but I'm lazy, so instead, enjoy a lion and dachshund being friends), and now a group of and Extra Innings customers are suing MLB for the blackouts of their team's home games when they're in the broadcast area. The good news is that the people who are suing are Little Guys facing off against the Big Faceless Corporation. And since underdogs always win in movies, I think this thing is already settled.


The Month That Was: Home Woes, Bum Slams, Rolling Relievers, Dropped Seeds, Dancing Hunter Pence And More
Pavs's July recap of the Giants has lots of fun memories, including the game where the offense and pitching both actually did their jobs, that time when we had all that adorable hope, and also perpetual neverending despair. Even with all that, though, the Giants were just two games under .500 for the month, which is honestly not the continuous thunderstorm of poop that we seem to have been experiencing for two hellish months.


Who'll be sent packing as season hits the home stretch?
We're all obviously rooting for Kevin Towers and Kirk Gibson to be fired, because they're terrible, but what about Kevin Towers and Kirk Gibson? Commons decency and sense dictate that they shouldn't have jobs next year, since they're the worst front office duo this side of Kevin Towers and Kirk Gibson. Still, don't discount the first firings being Kevin Towers and I think you get the joke.


Robin Williams on the SF Giants, baseball and Candlestick Park vs. Pac Bell Park
During the World Series in 2003, Robin Williams was briefly interviewed about the teams involved, the stadiums, and the differences between Candlestick and what was then called Pac Bell Park. He tosses off more great jokes in probably five minutes than I've managed doing this for five months because of course he does.


What will your verse be?