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Giants shut out again, lose 5-0

It was close for a few innings, then it wasn't.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

My plan was to DVR the game and watch it around midnight. Even with fast-forwarding wizardry, that's still a good 90-minute commitment. I was in. I was willing. I was ready.

There was a TV on where I was, though. Someone turned it to the Giants game. I caught about every third batter out of the corner of my eye. I know what happened. Ha ha ha, I'm not watching that game on purpose.

This was the 13th time the Giants were shut out this season. That's as many times as the 2008 Giants -- a team that started the season with Brian Bocock in the lineup and ended it with Eugenio Velez leading off. There's a whole month-and-a-half to figure out if the 2014 Giants can get shut out more than that awful team.

If they get shut out again, they'll have been shut out as much as the '85 Giants, who were the only team in franchise history to lose 100 games.

I don't like it when the Giants get shut out.

This is the B-side of McCovey Chronicles recaps, for completionists only, and I apologize. On the other hand, no one wants to read about that game, not even the Royals, who feel kind of guilty. TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY.

Here is Barry Bonds breaking the single-season home run record, with Vin Scully announcing:

That was a fun night.