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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 8/1

They're forming in a straight line, they're going through a link dump

Big moves, man. Big, Brian Roberts-related moves.
Big moves, man. Big, Brian Roberts-related moves.

Good morning! The trade deadline is over, so obviously there will be no more deals in baseball this year, because otherwise it wouldn't be called a deadline.

Trade deadline winners and losers
The trade deadline was yesterday, and if you forgot what happened, the big move was the Yankees DFAing Brian Roberts. Nobody is quite sure why they would cut ties with a mediocre middle infielder; if I understand baseball right, the proper move is to acquire as many of them as possible. Maybe Cashman has some future deals lined up to address this glaring weakness. Otherwise, this deadline will go down in history as a disappointment.


Jim Bowden Caught Stealing From Fake Twitter Account, Deletes Everything
This was A Thing on Twitter yesterday. Jim Bowden trusted a fake Twitter account and tweeted one of its rumors as fact. Later, Bowden, presumably believing that deleting something off the Internet means that it's gone forever and no one will ever remember it, deleted his avatar, changed the name on his Twitter, then changed the username, then deleted his entire Twitter, then brought it back under the display name "Ralph," which was a good cover because Ralph is a totally different name than Jim, so that fooled all of us into thinking he wasn't Jim, because the account said Ralph, which just to be clear, is not the same name as Jim.

Reports that Bowden then unplugged his computer in order to stop all of Twitter from existing are unconfirmed, yet incredibly plausible.


Stratton debuts in Richmond, Gardeck hits 100
McCovey Chronicles contributor Conner Penfold had a write-up of the minor league games a couple days ago, and there are some interesting scouting insights there, but the real treat is the video of recent Cuban signee Daniel Carbonell. This is important because, if I understand various KNBR callers, he should be called up today, start in center field, and would certainly win Rookie of the Year for the next three years. Get on it, Giants.

By the way, congratulations to Matt Duffy, whose performance is noted in this link, and Jarrett Parker, who both will apparently get called up today. I sure hope the Twitter account I heard that from is real.


The Dark Side Of Booming Local TV Deals
Wendy Thurm takes a look at the negative effects that MLB's big TV deals have had in some markets. The most notable consequence has, of course, been the fact that 70% of Los Angeles can't watch Dodger games, which seems funny until you read:

Even Vin Scully is without Dodgers’ broadcasts when he’s at home during the team’s long road trips.

This is an abomination. Still a hilarious abomination, because the Dodgers are dealing with the one problem their money can't solve, but an abomination.


The Real Reason Why Joss Whedon Named His Space Western Show Firefly
Does anyone here remember Firefly? It was a little-known show that hasn't really gotten a lot of notice here on the Internet. But for the few people out there for whom Firefly had some significance, this is a good read.