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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 7/9

The link dump on the edge of forever

Eliot J. Schechter

Welcome to the Wailing, Gnashing Of Teeth, And Rending Of Garments Hour. I'll be your host, Typical Giants Fan.

Trade deadline landing spots for Jonathan Papelbon
Beyond the Box Score takes a look at possible trade destinations for Jonathan Papelbon, and concludes that the most likely spot for him to end up is in San Francisco. I've thought a lot about this, and here's why I disagree:



Ruben Amaro calls Mike Missanelli 'uninformed'
This is fantastic: Ruben Amaro Jr had an interview with a Philadelphia radio station, where he and the host engaged in a lively debate over whether aging baseball players decline. It's rare to see a specimen of RAJ in the wild, RAJin' it up for all to see. This is a real treat because usually, you'd have to go see one in a zoo to assure yourself of experiencing such fascinating behavior.

"Mommy, why is the RAJ trying to sign Garret Anderson to a 2-year deal?"
"That's what they do, sweetie. It's their way."


I took the liberty of rewriting the USA Today’s...
There are a lot of exciting food options at Target Field, where just one short week from today, the very best baseball players in the world and also Derek Jeter will play in the All-Star Game. Some of these food options were briefly described in our nation's preeminent newspaper among hotel dumpsters, the USA Today. But unfortunately, the USA Today only has so much space to devote to non-infographics, so it has fallen to The Internet to provide the rich descriptions that Target Field cuisine deserves.


Ball? Strike? It Depends: Is the Pitcher An All-Star?
You know how sometimes an All-Star pitcher will get a pitch a couple inches outside, and you'll think to yourself, "Yeah, Wainwright got that, but there's no way the ump would give it to Yusmeiro Petit." Good news! You're right. Well, maybe not right, technically, since the odds only increase by a small percentage, and it depends on a number of factors, such as the umpire, and you can't attribute long-term trends to a single data point, but you're close enough to being right.

The other good news is that LITERALLY every pitcher in the Giants rotation has been an All-Star, most of them multiple times. So if you were thinking "Boy, the Giants sure throw a lot of strikes," as you undoubtedly have been lately, that's probably why.


A Day in the Life of Giants' In-Game Reporter Amy G
8:00 AM - Get called names by some jerk on Twitter
8:01 AM - Get called names by some jerk on KNBR
8:02 AM - Get called names by some jerk on McCovey Chronicles
8:03 AM - Be really nice to everyone anyway, through some herculean feat of patience
8:04 AM - Never give up on humanity, somehow


World Cup Chopped: Spillymeal edition
RIP Spillymeals. I hope they serve tangballs in heaven.