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Giants sign Tyler Beede

The 2014 first-round pick will get slightly more than slot value.

Peter Aiken

Giants first-round pick Tyler Beede was one of four 2014 first-rounders who hadn't signed, but there was a catch. Beede's Vanderbilt team wasn't courteous enough to stop winning, so the Giants were officially prohibited from negotiating with the right-hander until after the College World Series.

Beede will not spurn a second team:

The deal gives the Giants a little less maneuverability with their next few picks, but the $36,800 difference shouldn't be the difference between a pick signing or going back to school, considering the Giants can still go over slot value by over $250,000 without losing picks next year.

That several picks in the first 10 rounds of the Giants draft haven't signed is probably the bigger story. Prior to Beede, the Giants had signed their fifth-rounder (Samuel Coonrod), sixth-rounder (Skyler Ewing), and 10th-rounder (Matt Gage), but hadn't signed the other seven picks. It's possible that Beede was the priority, and we'll see a flood of signings over the next couple days.

Welcome, Tyler Beede. Grab a bat. You're hitting fifth.