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Madison Bumgarner, Hunter Pence make National League All-Star roster

The Giants will have two All-Stars, their lowest total since 2010, which is probably an omen.


It wasn't that long ago that we wondered if the best team in baseball was going to have just one player in the All-Star Game. Turns out the answer is no. The A's had six All-Stars. But we also wondered if the Giants would have just one player in the All-Star Game. They'll have two.

Madison Bumgarner made his second All-Star team, but he will not pitch in the game because he's scheduled to start next Sunday. It's a little surprising that Bumgarner made the team over Tim Hudson, but there's no real way to complain about it, considering that Bumgarner is almost certainly the better pitcher. If Bumgarner withdraws, Hudson would be a dandy replacement.

Hunter Pence made his third All-Star team, and it's worth noting that he started the season hitting under .200 for his first 20 games, and Twitter and talk radio was getting mighty grumbly. Since then: .324/.373/.511 with 10 homers and enough patience to make him an almost logical choice to hit leadoff. He's been fantastic, and he's in the middle of one of the best seasons of his career.

Buster Posey will probably be one of the players in the final vote (edit: nope, because he can't compete with the star power of Casey McGehee), and it's worth noting that he's on pace for a four-win season. It's hard to pick apart the catchers picked over him, as they've all had great years. But, remember, the All-Star Game will come and go, and they still won't be Buster Posey. Turns out they're not the real winners, here.

Congratulations to Bumgarner and Pence, and keep your fingers crossed for Posey and Hudson to sneak on there somehow. Though, I wouldn't mind if they all got some rest. Get some rest, Giants.