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Giants do absolutely nothing at the trade deadline

Dan Uggla is still on the roster, though!

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants had one of the most obvious holes on a contending roster, with second base a wasteland for almost the entire season. The Giants did not fill this hole with a trade. It's officially time to Panik, unless things get really, really Uggla.

There were second basemen who moved, with Asdrubal Cabrera going to the Nationals for a 24-year-old 2B/3B with power, which seems like a moderately high price for a pending free agent who hasn't hit much this year. The Rays added Nick Franklin, my white whale, and all they had to give up was an aging left-handed starter. The Yankees and Red Sox swapped middle infielders, with Stephen Drew going to New York and Kelly Johnson going to Boston, with the Yankees also picking up Martin Prado.

The Giants did nothing.

The Dodgers also did nothing! This is probably good news, although they get to hang onto their scary, scary prospects. Still, for this season, there is no David Price on the Dodgers, no Jon Lester, no Cole Hamels. They'll have to make do with their absurdly talented rotation instead of an insane, unfair rotation.

The Giants did nothing. Well, they got Jake Peavy, which is important, considering the severity of Matt Cain's injury. But when it comes to second base, they got nothing.

This seems odd. Very, very odd.

Get better, Marco Scutaro? And everyone else?