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Giants calling up Travis Ishikawa and Juan Perez

You know. To fix the offense. Adam Duvall is heading down, and Tony Abreu was removed from the roster for the 48th time this season.

is that a feather what's going on
is that a feather what's going on
Christian Petersen

There's only so much you can fit into 140 characters, so there might be something lost in the translation of this tweet. But it made me giggle for three minutes, so it's definitely worth sharing:

The move has been confirmed, with Adam Duvall going back down and Tony Abreu being removed from the 40-man roster to make room for Ishikawa.

Shuffling the deck. Trying to restart the offense.

"Okay, okay, my deal!"

"Those aren't playing cards."

"Let's see, let's go one-eyed ladies are wild in this one, everyone."

"You are literally thumbing through a wet Crate & Barrel catalog from last year."

"Let's see if you say the same thing after I turn it upside-down."

Juan Perez is a fifth outfielder with uses. If he's up instead of Abreu, it's probably a net positive for the team, but not by that much. He's not an attempt to restart the offense as much as he 's an attempt to hit the side of the TV and see if it'll work.

Travis Ishikawa is an old friend. He will forever be remembered for his help in 2010. He's also 30 and hitting for a .795 OPS in Fresno, which is just a touch above league average. He's hitting .291/.363/.519 over his last 20 games, including .361/.419/.694 over his last 10, but ... the Giants know that's not how baseball works, right? That his "hot hand" from Fresno doesn't have to translate to the majors any more than Duvall's did. Duvall's prodigious dinger machine was lost by the airline. Same could happen with Ishikawa's double-printing app.

It's 2014, and the Giants are hoping that Ishikawa will give them a spark. This had better be one hell of a trade deadline.