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Matt Cain's lack of improvement prompted Jake Peavy trade

If you're looking for why the Giants had a sense of urgency, this will do.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Peavy wasn't in the middle of an especially good season, yet the Giants still felt they had to jump the market and make a deal for him just under a week before the deadline. The reason why is what we feared:

Pavlovic also reported that Cain is likely to need more tests and a second opinion on his elbow, which has apparently moved from "cranky" to "pissed and taking swings at passersby.

When the Giants were linked to Bartolo Colon last week, the only way it made sense was if the Giants were discouraged about their internal reports on Cain. The Peavy trade did more than hint at that scenario, and Sabean's quotes now confirm it. For the first time in Cain's professional life, his right arm is injured badly enough to make his immediate future uncertain.

The Giants aren't necessarily done improving, with Sabean also saying that teams have inquired on 15 of their pitching prospects, and I'm sure Andrew Susac, Joe Panik, and Adam Duvall are getting at least a little interest, too.

For now, though, I'm a sit in the corner and think about Matt Cain. If you're looking for a best-case scenario, think about rest making everything better, and Cain coming back at full strength next year. That's how pitcher's arms usually work, right? Right?