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Hector Sanchez placed on 7-day DL, Andrew Susac called up

The Giants had a choice between the prospect and the veteran, and they went with the prospect.

Jamie Squire

After taking 192,933 foul tips to the mask this season, the 192,934th one got him. Hector Sanchez is on the seven-day disabled list for what the Giants are describing as a "mild" concussion, and rookie catcher Andrew Susac is up to take his place.

The Giants could have called up old friend Guillermo Quiroz, but considering the Giants start their backup at least 20 percent of the time, they were looking for offense. The 24-year-old Susac was hitting .268/.379/.451 in Fresno, which is solid for a catcher, even if the league-average hitter in the Pacific Coast League hits .274/.343/.425. Susac slumped in June, hitting .203/.333/.254, but after a trip to the DL for hamstring issues, he's been hot again, with four dingers and a .397 on-base percentage in July.

You might be excited about Susac because he's new, but there are two salient points to remember: First, he's exactly four months younger than Sanchez, so he's not exactly the youngest prospect in the system. Second, his defense is reportedly improving, but still a touch unrefined. I'm almost certain that Sanchez would have something like an .830 OPS in Fresno if he were a full-time catcher, which he'd be with a normal organization, so don't expect Susac to be a one-man offensive cavalry. Sanchez with more patience and less experience, then.

But Susac has power, and he's new, so I'm excited. This is a good showcase for the Cubs, too, before they trade us Emilio Bonifacio or some crap for him. Welcome, Andrew Susac. Team up with Dan Uggla and hit some dingers, just like we were all hoping this offseason.