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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 7/25

Ray, when someone asks you if you're a link dump, you say "Yes"!

Ten million watt smile
Ten million watt smile
Ezra Shaw

Happy birthdays to Santiago Casilla, Guillermo Mota, and Matt Williams, all of whom had the foresight to wait a day before being born so as to not share a birthday with Barry Bonds.

My 25 Favorite Barry Bonds Facts
Yesterday was Barry Bonds's birthday, and there were many celebrations of his legacy from people who liked watching him hit, which is a list that should include every right-thinking baseball fan on the planet. Deadspin had one, Jonathan Bernhardt wrote one in 2012, and, You Can't Predict Ball had this tweet which makes me giggle like I'm getting my feet tickled by chinchilla fur, which is not its intended purpose. This entire article could just be blockquoted Barry Bonds facts. It won't be, because I'm bad at my job, but it could be.


Korean baseball team will broadcast your living room cheers in its stadium with new fan robots
There have been a lot of calls on Twitter for robot umpires, mostly from Lars, but we all totally overlooked the possibility of robot fans. In this scenario, robots would read comments on the Internet, then respond according to how the fans instruct them to. This would cut down on idiot fans interfering with balls in play, unless they were instructed to, which they almost certainly would be, because the Internet.

Okay, new plan: develop artificial intelligence, let the robots take over, and hopefully they won't be as terrible as we humans are.


Madison Bumgarner Can Dominate Without You Even Noticing
Hey, Deadspin, I did notice, actually. Pretty rude of you to think that I, the Giants fan whom you were addressing personally, would not notice a Giants pitcher being good. Maybe think that one through next time.


Factors Tampa Bay Rays must weigh in David Price trade
Since the trade deadline is coming up, here's Jayson Stark on the trade deadline, mainly focusing on what the Rays are going to do with David Price. The Giants are mentioned as a possibility, though Stark claims that Price's salary next year could make it difficult for Sabean. On the other hand, why think about reality when you can daydream about David Price being in the Giants' rotation? In my fantasies, he has an ERA of 0.30 (It's only that high because of bad umpiring), so I think that's a reasonable baseline expectation if he pitches for the Giants.


The Milwaukee Sentinel - Google News Archive Search
If you were curious about the state of American League road beef in 1977, and I know you were, Frank Tanana has you covered. Boston, New York, and Chicago are all very strong, as you would expect, and the Angels get good marks  too, but he is very disrespectful towards Oakland. See, A's fans? The Giants didn't start that trend. It was Frank Tanana.

That'll probably get 'em off our backs.

(via Pedro Moura)


Every 'Simpsons' episode is going online
BRB. The R stands for "never".