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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 7/23

I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something I loved from my childhood. Something that could never ever possibly destroy us. Mr. Link Dump!

This photo is not relevant, except in the way that celebratory Giants are always relevant
This photo is not relevant, except in the way that celebratory Giants are always relevant

Here's a little known fact about last night's game: it ended. You might be surprised to learn that, but you can look it up. It's true!

Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow fighting through muscle disease
While it's sad that Krukow is having this affect his life, I think we're all thankful that it isn't life-threatening. But there's a quote I'd prefer to focus on, because it illustrates the Kruk and Kuip relationship so well:

On the road, Kuiper has quietly taken up duties as personal Sherpa, toting Krukow's bags - not that anyone is making a big thing of it.

"Well look, I sat next to him on the plane for 25 years," Kuiper said. "If I'm not going to carry his bag, who is?"

They totally spoon at night.


Report: MLB COO Rob Manfred 'heavily favored' to replace Bud Selig
I don't know a lot about Manfred, so I looked him up on Wikipedia and it turns out he's a poem written by Lord Byron between 1816 and 1817 about a magician who seeks forgiveness from the spirit world. Clearly, this is an admission that Selig knew about steroids the entire time he was commissioner, and hopes that one day he can be redeemed for his inaction in the '90s.


Finding Burrell: 10 veterans who could end up on the Giants someday
Bay Area Sports Guy takes a look at the league and tries to figure out which future over-the-hill veterans could become Giants someday. Cuddyer, Hill, and Willingham are the three that seem plausible to me, but who knows how these guys will be doing several years down the road? The only problem with acquiring Aaron Hill is that he's a second baseman, but he really has too much power to bat second. Would Bruce Bochy be comfortable filling out a lineup with a player like that? I doubt it.



Handicapping the great -- and sometimes absurd -- team MVP debate
Near the end of the year, we'll almost certainly hear a lot of talk about the team MVP, and while Affeldt and Casilla might get some love for stabilizing the bullpen, it's pretty likely that the it'll be about Pence. But you know that there will be some playoff team where they follow this guide impeccably. "They said the team MVP is Adam Kennedy?" you will say. "But isn't he bad? And retired?"


The Rays 4-pound burger is impossible to eat
This one isn't gross as much as enormous. I don't know how you can fit the whole thing in your mouth. Is anyone even able to handle all that meat? I wouldn't even know where to start on it. It's huge. It's too huge for me.

Well, maybe just a taste.