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Report: Giants interested in Bartolo Colon

If Matt Cain is going to be out for a while, the Giants will be looking for help in the rotation. Colon might be cheap enough to work.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

There probably isn't a lot of value in posting every stray rumor that flies across Twitter, but when I can post one and use that picture up there, well, my hands are tied. The Giants are reportedly interested in Bartolo Colon.

Google Translated:

@MarlyRiveraESPN and @ZonaEspn_NY are reporting the Giants have shown interest in acquiring Bartolo Colon from Mets

Good enough for me! I was mildly in favor of Colon this last offseason, figuring his age and rhombusity would make him something of a low-risk, medium-reward offering in the world of free agent pitchers. Here's what I'm guessing the Giants' interest amounts to right now:

"So ... how much money are you willing to eat?"

They would ask the Mets that. Not Colon. The Mets.

Colon is 41 and making $10 million next year. His peripherals are in line with his more successful 2012 and 2013, but his ERA is a touch inflated. The Mets aren't beating suitors away with a stick. The Giants' interest makes sense.

The Giants could use an extra arm with Matt Cain out, but the only way the Giants would be really serious about a pitcher like Colon is a) if he were cheap, both in prospects and financial commitment, and b) if Cain's arm problems are worse than they let on. It would be nice to have the Mets pay half the salary for a competent Ryan Vogelsong replacement next year, but that's also a deal the Giants could explore in the offseason.

Long rumor short: If the Mets are willing to open up the lending library and donate Colon to a team in need -- they're the Giants' confused color brothers, after all -- then that's swell. There's no reason for the Mets to do that, though, and if the Giants are making serious inquiries, that would make me freak out about Cain. I would prefer not to freak out about Cain.

I would prefer to watch Colon hit, though. His helmet flies off half the time, and he looks like the dad from Dinosaurs. We watch this stuff to be entertained, right? (He can also pitch a little bit, still. That's probably important.)

Update: Pretty much what I guessed.

Stop freaking out about Cain? Don't mind if I do.